Wegierski: The Long Defeat – Where the Canadian Right Went Wrong

“Canada One” The Dominion of Canada was founded in 1867 as the result of a “compact” between two peoples of longstanding history, English and French Canada, whose respective heritages stretched back centuries. The Aboriginal peoples were included insofar as they had been traditionally considered to be under the special protection of the Crown. Canada was dominated by the Conservatives/Bleus of Macdonald and Cartier until 1896. In the federal election of that year, partly owing to the baneful execution of Louis Riel, French Quebec switched its […]

Wegierski: Populism vs. Elitism

It could be argued that liberalism, as a world-historical tendency, almost always begins among elites (who have in essence become corrupted by an easy life without duty and religion), and is imposed by force on a reluctant populace which clings to “the old verities”. The triumph of the Conservative Party in Britain after the extension of the franchise to the working-classes in 1870 (in an “aristocratic – worker alliance” consciously promoted by Disraeli), is a good example of “the conservatism of the common person”, as […]